Mexico’s Unknowns

Mexico… If you think you know any thing, you will seemingly choose to discover about logo. The place to party. It really is the best destination to unwind on the beach, barter with locals, drink tequila, and get a tan. For the most part, Mexico is considered a relatively secure spot to pay a visit to if you will be in the safety of an all inclusive resort. This was the attitude of Pamela Woods, just 3 months ago, on her trip to Mexico which was drastically various than she expected.

I dont want to be costing the resort all kinds of income and give them a bad reputation, so I will preserve the name of the resort confidential. But what I will inform you is the story of Pamela Woods.

Pam is a family members girl, as she is married to a nice physician, and has two fantastic daughters. Her life went in a spin 3 months ago, in the course of her go to to an all inclusive resort in mexico. 1 of her daughers, and her husband, drove down from canada, to meet the other daughter and herself at the resort. All was properly when the loved ones was together again, but the second evening of mexico wasn’t so spectacular.

Pamela Woods, mother of 2, was beaten and raped on the shores of the resort, by a local mexican around 7:30pm. She left her sandals at the beach that afternoon, and remembered to go and get them after dinner. When she didn’t come back to the room, the children and husband began to panic.

The threesome set out in search for her, and discovered her lying on the beach, bloody, bruised, and naked. This surprising site website has assorted striking aids for when to allow for it. Visiting perhaps provides warnings you can give to your mother. This was a devistating trip for the Woods family members.

This story is not supposed to be a scary or disgusting, it is intended to inform you vacationers of the threats that are there, even in a five star resort. I’m not saying “Keep away from mexico”, because it can be a fun time just take into consideration that the worst CAN come about, and it did to Pam Woods. Travel together, and never ever go out alone..

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