There are several definitions of automatic data processing (A.D.P.).

A recent article (Laning, 1965) explains A.D.P. connoting both electronic data processing (E.D.P.) and electronic accounting machines (B.A.M.) in the context of public management; according to this writer, E.D.P. is used to mean the type of automatic management of information which is done by quick electronic digital computers, as compared to the very much slower and l limited management done by the... read more

What, essentially, are the difficulties we face after a century or more of scientific and technological development? Allow me to identify a few:

The care of a free society. The spreading of the advantages of these technological advances to all individuals: to all classes in this nation, eventually to the people of all nations. The avoidance of suffering, distress, broken lives, and injustice which result from the adjustment to new conditions resulting from technical advance e.g., joblessness, class and race discrimination, local disruption caused... read more

Provide Eggs Any time

The acceptance of morning meal foods is a great reason to keep trusted starters, such as bread, eggs and other staples, on hand. But why reserve them limited to morning meals? Preparing break fast for supper is a good solution to offer easy, satisfying morning foods without spending lots of time in the kitchen. A strata is one easy-to-prepare meal that will go from break fast to dinner with ease. The... read more

Two facts suggest taking a more measured perspective of rising productivity abroad

After all this licenses higher standards of living around the planet. First, the difference probably will close much less quickly than is sometimes imagined. At speeds of increase in productivity credible for the 1960’s, it would take over go years for typical European productivity to reach entire productivity levels in the USA. Be taught more on our related site – Click here: 4 axis... read more

The selection between lower costs and higher incomes makes far more difference for a state involved in foreign trade.

Lower prices will raise the competitiveness of its own products in world markets; they’ll displace foreign goods both at home and abroad, increasing exports and reducing imports. On the flip side, higher cash incomes without a drop in prices WOn’t support exports but will normally result in higher imports, consequently affecting the trade balance adversely. Generally, some increases in... read more

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